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27 July 1983
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Hey hey folks. I'm looking to meet new people and write a bit more than I have been lately, so that's why I'm starting this. I'm looking to make new friends as well. I've been blind since birth. How's that for an ice breaker? I have no problems talking to people about it. I hardly ever think about it since it is as natural as breatheing to me. I've never had sight so I don't really know what I'm missing out on most of the time. I'm not one of those crazies that say something like,"Don't ever mention my blindness again. If you must know, it... It was... Soap poisoning!," when I'm asked about it. And if you ever ask me if I need help, I won't snap at you either saying something like,"I don't want your help!" You want me to walk around holding your arm? I prefer it rather often. The cane is all well and good, but more often than not, it seems to cause others to give the user a wide birth. Yeah I use one as often as the next guy, but walking with someone doesn't hurt, folks. What if this really stunning young lady comes up to you and starts a convo with you and she asks you if you want to walk for a while? You gonna offer up one of those little wasp sting retorts and continue to be an island unto yourself? And in case you're wondering, I've never acted helpless so a member of the opposite sex would walk with me. Some guys encourage me too but I can honestly tell you that I've never done that. Why anyone would seek to take advantage of a lady, I really don't know. I think it's absolute foolishness. I take a lady's arm only if they ask me to. I'm not big on going where I'm not invited.
Anyway, no questions offend me. How else are you going to get to know me if you don't ask. Don't walk or talk on eggshells around me. Relax and don't shy away because of a little thing like closed eyelids. I'm an avid reader. I don't watch that much TV these days because I don't really like all that reality TV very much. I have always been interested in the super hero genre and love everything from DC and Marvel comics to the Star Wars films and movies. I don't have any favorites. I like them all. Yeah, Family Guy is ok on occasion because of its pop culture references. Besides, some of the slap stick is just freakin hilarious. But more of that in the journal. A hopeless romantic? Yeah, I'm one of those. I plan to be married some day and hope to start my own family. I think marriage is probably several years in my future, but I'm learning to be the best man I can be in all areas of life along the way. I've been told that I am unable to support a wife, but I think that's a load of chicken fried crap. Bet you I can do my part just as well as any other guy. I'm pursuing a career in audio book narration, by the way. What else? I go to movies, I own a ps2, and I love chatting with all types of people, if you ask me. I want to shape this journal up to be a sort of coffee shop of the mind where you can come and take a load off and hang out. We all live in the same world and I'd like to show it to you from my perspective if you have the time. I'm a lover of fiction and all things heavy on heroes and villains. I'll probably write about various books and movies I'm reading and watching from time to time, especially Star Wars. Yeah, so I like playing around in Lucas's Star Wars universe and Stan the man Lee's Marvel play ground as well as Bruce Tim's DC Animated Universe. Stephen King is a fantastic author and I read his stuff frequently. I enjoyed the Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale. Lots of things to chat about if people need to or just want to. If there are any other authors, books, TV series, or movies folks want to comment about, go ahead and post them. But we can talk politics or world news or whatever floats your boat, I suppose. Lovers of the 80's and 90's will find several topics which interest them. If you really want to be random and would like to talk about the history of the sloth, you can do that too if you like. Seriously, start your own discussion when or if you wish. I'm not writing these entries to have a one sided conversation. This journal isn't a private thing and I don't really consider it to be a journal. Part journal, part blind guy scrap book, if you really want to know. Comment back if you care to after reading a post. Hopefully, I'll get to know many of you if, that is, folks take time enough to read some of these posts. Please respect the opinions of others though. I ask that those who enjoy belittleing others in order to bolster self esteem to leave the smarty pants comebacks and know it all attitude at the door. I've got alot to learn when it comes to this big old world and so do we all. Here, you can share your experiences concerning life and where it has taken you thus far if you want. Tell your stories and read a few of mine while you're hanging around. I like spending time with people and this is a good way to get to know a few. I also want to write about certain events in my life so I'll have them to share with any future members of the Griffin family and those who care to read about them. Ok, enough prefatory matters. Feel free to look around. Hear ya later.